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June 11, 2006.

I lost touch with my friend Zachary over a year ago. He worked at the CineArts Theater in Pleasant Hill. I would talk to him before the movie started. I thought he was very aware of things for a young guy. I was impressed that he was reading Woody Guthrie's autobiography "Bound For Glory." I was surprised to find him at the Haight Asbury Street Fair on a street corner playing guitar in a band. Zack's only put this band together a few weeks ago and they already have a gig lined up at Gilman Street in Berkeley. It was kind of noisy on Haight Street - so I didn't get everyone's names. I'll have to add them later.

Zack1 (67K)
Image #1.

Zack2 (97K) Image #2. That's Zack on the right.

Zack3 (100K) Image #3.

Zack4 (87K) Image #4. Zack rocks out!

Zack5 (77K) Image #5.

Zack6 (97K) Image #6.

Zack7 (69K)
Image #7.

Zack8 (98K) Image #8.

Zack9 (71K)
Image #9.

Zack10 (90K)
Image #10.

Zack11 (79K) Image #11.

Zack12 (102K) Image #12.

Zack13 (93K) Image #13.

Zack14 (79K)
Image #14.

Zack15 (71K)
Image #15. Let it rip Zack!

Zack16 (67K)
Image #16.

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